Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Originally posted July 28, 2012, but deemed worthy of posting again..

July 26 to August 9

Two weeks I could really live without.  Even with Jerry's birth date falling in between, it's not enough to overcome the overwhelming grief I feel that they are no longer with us.  But the fact that it's been many, many years since their deaths, and I'm still grieving, only reinforces what these two, and The Grateful Dead as a whole, meant, to me - and still mean to me today.

And when I look back, grief quickly turns to joy, and I smile...and smile...and smile..

Props go out to my homeboy Grateful Don, who shot me an email on the 26th respectfully requesting "I never forget Brent "Cliffhanger" Mydland", who died 22 years ago that same day (now 23) 

Donnie - That won't be a problem.  How can anyone forget their brother?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

CRUISIN' ON 17's.....

Skillfully shot while Dave was performing live this past Sat in West Palm..

There are definitely worse places to live....

Monday, April 15, 2013


In keeping with my last post on Video Picks and Licks, this is one of those times where words, whether spoken, written, or still rummaging around somewhere in my thick skull, only seem to get in the way of what I'm trying so hard to express..How can anyone say what is expressed so clearly in one's music?

Make no mistake about it, as much as I love listening to Adam Perry's bass bombs, Brock Butler is the Jerry Garcia of Perpetual Groove..He is a master songwriter, lyricist, and musican, and is as talented as any artist I've had the pleasure to see perform live.  And like so many before him - Garcia, Townsend, Clapton, Morrison, Hendrix, and Janis just to name a few - the devil has found his way into his world, threatening to suffocate this extraordinary gift he was put on this planet to share with those who would listen.

So in lieu of words, I'll let his music tell the story...and wish him safe passage back to where he so rightfully belongs.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


I normally don't "double dip". Keeping things fresh and moving forward has always been a priority here at Greene Daze. But even with featuring the music of Jerry Garcia for the 2nd time is as many posts, I think this little tidbit is a good representation of just that.

In my last post on Video Picks and Licks, I talked about my good friend and his wife turning me on to Matt Darey, a phenomenal DJ from London. But what kynd of friend would I be if I didn't flip the script and drop the bomb on them...

So I shared my previous post of Jerry Garcia performing Leo Graham and Paul Richmond's Shining Star, made famous by The Manhattan's way back in 1980, knowing full well that Jerry's music is not my friend's cup of tea. Long story short, not only did the song represented a significant moment in his life, he had no idea Jerry's repertoire consisted of music written by some of the greatest musicians of our era - Van Morrison, Smokey Robinson, Al Cleveland, Jimmy Cliff, Chuck Berry, and even Irving Berlin, just to name a few. And that in itself
blew him away.

So after more than 2 decades as friends, on this very night, in this moment of time, he let Jerry in, and was moved in a way that I'm all too familiar with.

So this post, Jerry Garcia performing Van Morrison's He Ain't Give You None, is dedicated not only to him, but to anyone who hasn't gotten it yet. It is Jerry at his best - soulful, nasty, and real.